Cloud Systems

Cloud Systems

Cloud Systems

Head of the Research Line

Pedro Inácio

The focus of the research line is on advancing the state-of-the-art of the cloud ecosystem, in such a way that allows for a better and more secure exploration of the resources and services made available to the users by the cloud system providers. This line will make available validation and verification of non-functional requirements as a service and contribute to a secure ecosystem that integrates Cloud and Internet of Things.

List of WPs

WP 1.1 | Nibiru – V&V-as-a-service / Requirement-as-a-Plugin

The work carried out in this WP is on reliability, security and quality assurance of software systems. The research aims at exploring the “test-as-a-service”, “reasoning-as-a-service” and “Verification-as-a-service” paradigms generically gathered as “softwareValidation&Verification-as-a-service”. The implemented prototypes are expected to not only be deployable in the Cloud but also to take advantage of it. Indeed, an innovative aspect to be further explored from previous research is to consider the supported requirements as plug-ins. Furthermore, foundational research is expected to be conducted on how to consider individually these requirement plug-ins: for instance, functional correctness (in the presence of concurrency) or, on the non-functional requirements side, energy efficiency or power consumption, usability and accessibility, etc.

Simão Melo de Sousa | WP Leader

WP 1.2 | Security by Construction in Cloud and Internet of Things Ecosystems

The work carried out in this WP addresses security by design in Cloud and Internet of Things ecosystems, including research activities on ways to establish the assurance of security in software systems by design, focusing mainly on software and development processes (security engineering). It also includes the prototyping of a set of software tools for security engineering, attack modelling, and semi-assisted testing.

 Pedro Inácio | WP Leader

WP 1.3 | Fault Tolerance in Cloud and Internet of Things Ecosystems

The work carried out in this WP is about fault tolerance in Cloud and Internet of Things ecosystems. The goal of the project is to explore fault tolerant mechanisms for cloud-based mobile applications. The work plan includes the prototyping of a set of tools for fault tolerance that may be added as a service configurable according to application specificities.

Paula Prata | WP Leader

WP 1.4 | Optimization of Cloud and Internet of Things Ecosystems

The work carried out in this WP is on optimisation issues about secure live virtual machine migration and to explore resource optimisation in edge computing involving the preservation of user privacy through blockchains. The developed prototypes should be included and tested in CloudSimPlus, a framework for simulation of cloud computing infrastructures and services developed in our research group.

Mário Freire | WP Leader

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