Cloud Applications

Cloud Applications

Cloud Applications

Head of the Research Line

Luís Alexandre

This line has the following main goals: the conversion and adaptation of generic applications to the cloud context; the use of the cloud as a platform to support data storage for generic applications; the use of the cloud as a computational platform to allow applications to grow in terms of the size of the problems they are able to deal with, taking advantage of the computational processing capabilities of the cloud.

List of WPs


The work carried out in this WP aims at the development of autonomous UAVs to perform visual surveillance in urban environments, based on soft biometric information. The idea is that – upon a security incident – to receive one query composed of a set of soft biometric traits (e.g., “a blonde girl with 4 years, wearing a red shirt and a blue skirt”), and to scan exhaustively one predefined area, to find targets potentially matching the query.

Hugo Proença | WP Leader

WP 2.2 | Passing Cloud

The work carried out in this WP targets the research and development of algorithms and applications for the implementation of a framework to identify, predict, monitor and warn on constraints and risks for road traffic.

Nuno M. Garcia | WP Leader

WP 2.3 | HULTIG-C: Cloud Platform for Computational Linguistics Services

The work carried out in this WP targets an open cloud platform which enables researchers to deploy, share, and use language processing components and resources, following the data-as-a-service and software-as-a-service paradigms. The focus is on multilingual text analysis resources and services, based on an open source infrastructure and compliant with relevant NLP standards.

Sebastião Pais | WP Leader

WP 2.4 | Cloud Robotics

The work carried out in this WP includes the creation of a generic cloudification model for robotic algorithms, that integrates with the Robot Operating System (ROS), allowing the cooperation and information sharing between different robots to take place, but giving guaranties of privacy and security at the same time. This information sharing is the key to accelerating and making robust the learning of problems such as voice or object recognition.

Luís Alexandre | WP Leader

WP 2.5 | Cloud Based Image/Video Coding: Improving Efficiency and QoE

The work carried out in this WP includes scientific and technological research tasks carried out in order to design and implement a cloud-based holographic and plenotic coding method, which allows a good performance of the encoder in relation to encoding time, throughput and QoE.

Manuela Pereira | WP Leader

WP 2.6 | Bioinformatics

The work carried out in this WP involves R&D activities in the field of health sciences in close collaboration with CICS-UBI, including multi-disciplinary projects with topics such as: analysis of biological, clinical and epidemiological data for the identification of disease biomarkers; identification of genomic risk variants in case-control genetic epidemiology studies; computational analysis of genomic variants to assess their potential functional impact; virtual drug screening and drug-molecule interaction modelling; and other computational biology applications.

Ana Paula Duarte | WP Leader

WP 2.7 | Bioclimatic Modelling, Landscape Structure, Biodiversity and Climate Change

The work carried out in this WP is on floristic and faunistic diversity in Portugal and statistical analysis in order to relate indicators linked to biological communities with biophysical attributes and agroforestry models. Modelling Mediterranean species to evaluate the past and present species distribution range, using the strawberry tree as a case-study and different software types.

Margarida Ribeiro | WP Leader

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