The Cloud Computing Competence Center (C4) started operating in December 2018 and ended in August 2022. It has counted with the collaboration of more than 20 grantees and around 50 faculty members from UBI, IPCB and IPG.

The gathered scientific expertise was broad in scope and organised in four main research lines addressing different aspects of Cloud Computing. Have a look at Research to find out more, and also at the information about our annual Workshop series.


C4 focused on research & innovation activities that may brought together academic and non academic parties, from industry to public administration, with the goal of providing solutions and foster technology transfer in the wide realm of cloud computing.

We are often looking for dedicated researchers to work with us and build on the results of the project. Please contact us if you are interested in a collaboration, have a look at About for contact and more information.

Last Update | Jun 14, 2023 (9:31 AM)