Optimization of Cloud and Internet of Things Ecosystems

The work carried out in this WP is on optimisation issues about secure live virtual machine migration and to explore resource optimisation in edge computing involving the preservation of user privacy through blockchains. The developed prototypes should be included and tested in CloudSimPlus, a framework for simulation of cloud computing infrastructures and services developed in our research group.

Team & Collaborators

  • Mário Freire | WP leader
  • Pedro Inácio
  • Paula Prata
  • Chetna Gupta | Grantee, C4-UBI
  • Manoel Filho | PhD student, UBI
  • Vinicius Rios | Phd student, UBI
  • Vanice Cunha | Phd student, UBI
  • Eugénio Manuel | Phd student, UBI
  • André Prata | Phd student, UBI
  • Ana Lima | MSc student, UBI
  • Rui Paredes | MSc student, UBI
  • João Freire | MSc student, UBI
  • David Prata | MSc student, UBI
  • Kavadiambuko Lutandila | MSc student, UBI


Journal articles

(***) Article published in a top 10% most cited journal of the respective field.


Conference articles

Related publications

  • Análise de Desempenho da Migração de Instâncias em Open-Stack, Master degree Dissertation, Luzimira de Abreu Ribeiro, UBI, March 2019.
  • Avaliação de Desempenho das Plataformas Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark e Apache Flink Usando o Benchmark Hibench-master 7, Master degree Dissertation, Isabel Soqui Bongo, UBI, January 2019.