Cloud Based Image/Video Coding: Improving efficiency and QoE

The work carried out in this WP includes scientific and technological research tasks carried out in order to design and implement a cloud-based holographic and plenotic coding method, which allows a good performance of the encoder in relation to encoding time, throughput and QoE.

Team & Collaborators


Journal articles

(***) Article published in a top 10% most cited journal of the respective field. 

Conference articles

Oral Presentations

  • H. Amirpour, A. Pinheiro, E. Fonseca, M. Ghanbari, M. Pereira, (2019) “Perceptual evaluation of state-of-the-art codecs applied to digital holographic data” 84th JPEG meeting, JPEG Pleno Holography, JPEG Pleno  2019. 
  • Presentation Manuela Pereira, Elsa Fonseca, Paulo Fiadeiro, Marco Bernardo, Hadi Amirpour, António Pinheiro (2019) “Quality Assessment”, JPEG Pleno Holography Workshop’19 March, 2019, Geneva, Switzerland 

Related publications

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