Machine Learning algorithms to detect disease risk factors

The work carried out in this WP is about using Cloud distributed Machine Learning algorithms to detect disease risk factors. The goal of the project consists of using both (Big Data) genetic and clinical information of patients to create prediction models, using state-of-the-art algorithms (e.g. deep learning), that can accurately detect high-risk patients.

Team & Collaborators

  • Noel Lopes | WP leader
  • Elsa Cardoso
  • Débora Ferreira | Grantee, C4-UBI
  • Alberto Junior | Grantee, C4-UBI (10/2019-02/2021)


    To appear.

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Related activities

  • Alberto Junior, Bacterial evolution and differentiation in infection and disease manifestation in ruminant animals. C4 – RINNOVAR – Research and INNOVation seminAR, November 7, 2019, Covilhã, Portugal