The work carried out in this WP aims at the development of autonomous UAVs to perform visual surveillance in urban environments, based on soft biometric information. The idea is that – upon a security incident – to receive one query composed of a set of soft biometric traits (e.g., “a blonde girl with 4 years, wearing a red shirt and a blue skirt”), and to scan exhaustively one predefined area, to find targets potentially matching the query.

Team & Collaborators

  • Hugo Proença | WP leader
  • Aruna Kumar | PostDoc, C4-UBI (06/2019-06/2020)
  • Ehsan Yaghoubi | Research fellow, C4-UBI (09/2020-08/2021)


Journal articles

(***) Article published in a top 10% most cited journal of the respective field.

Related activities

  • International competition on detection and identification of human beings in aerial pictures.
  • SCIMAGO special issue is being planned for selected contributions involved in the above competition.

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