HULTIG-C: Cloud Platform for Computational Linguistics Services

The work carried out in this WP targets an open cloud platform which enables researchers to deploy, share, and use language processing components and resources, following the data-as-a-service and software-as-a-service paradigms. The focus is on multilingual text analysis resources and services, based on an open source infrastructure and compliant with relevant NLP standards.

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Related activities

  • Abolohom A.. HULTIG-C: Cloud Platform for Computational Linguistics Services. C4 – RINNOVAR – Research and INNOVation seminAR. October 2019. Covilhã, Portugal.
  • Project PHArA-ON, Pilots for Active and Healthy Ageing. Project reference HORIZON2020/857188. PI – Professor Sebastião Pais.


  • HULTIG-C: Cloud Platform for Computational Linguistics Services.


  • Hultig Crawler “Text Crawler based on Scrapy, Beautifulsoap4 and MySQL as backend”.
  • HultigCorpus “A NLP Platform integrated into the HultigCorpus Project”.
  • SocialNetCrawler “A crawler to extract data from social networks”.

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